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Why OXero

We transform your data into business objectives

A Decision Support System All in One
Quick and easy integration with the customer solutions, scalability, modularity, flexibility, high performance, sophisticated analytics, user friendly, easy to use and speed in reporting.

The OXero success keys
Low cost of maintenance and service, a team of experts at your disposal to work on each project from its conception to its realization.

We facilitate the understanding of your data
We are the right partner to transform data into information into knowledge useful to the decision-making process by making the transformation process simple, efficient and independent.

OXero is in your shoes - Respect for the choices of our customer is the basis of our choices
Our systems are the instrument, our most important resource is the expertise, your contribution is the key to reach the success of our solutions !

We create high technological solutions and services
We Transform data into useful knowledge to help our clients to achieve their business goals. We satisfy all the user requirements pertaining the research and the information management.

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  • D&I Platform
    Make complex decision support
  • Main Modules
    All modules available to the platform
  • Value-Added Modules
    Data Entry, Quality System Data, Data Schedule & Broadcast System, Multidimentional Database Generation System
  • Demo Area
    Request an access to the demo

Company data

  • OXero S.r.l. - Sede Operativa
    Via Camillo Rosalba, 47/J
    70124 – Bari – Italy
    Tel +39 080 5618558 Fax +39 080 5618558
  • OXero S.r.l. - Amministrazione e Contabilità
    Via dello Zoosafari, 9
    72015 – Fasano (Brindisi) – Italy
    Tel +39 080 4425629 Fax +39 080 4425497
  • OXero S.r.l. - Sede Operativa
    Via Lago di Sabaudia, 19
    00077 – Roma – Italy
  • Partita I.V.A./C.F.: 01816440745
  • Reg. Impr. Bari N° 01816440745 Cap. Soc. i.v. 50.000 €


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