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The Strategic Approach

A model based on trust and collaboration with Customers and Partners

The relationship with the customer: a marriage based on collaboration, availability and timeliness and the guarantee for the customer to be able to operate in full autonomy and freedom (even directly on the source code).

Collaboration, availability and timeliness are not sufficient if customer is not fully Independent and Free to be able to act at all times as a function of their development strategies.
That's why OXero is not limited to providing flexible solutions integrate and easy to use and self explanatory (making Customer able to "customize" its own analysis and characterize its solution), but guarantee full freedom of action by providing the source code too.

In an apparently simple and generalized field, whenever you have to create a decision support system are many and many variables in play and require focus and specialization that we believe can only come through collaboration between those of us who is an expert of “information technology” and who is a specialist of the specific data and calculation models, the Customer ! the Partner!

In over twenty years of work OXero has set its activity on the relationship of trust with its customers and its partners which has always provided the most complete collaboration always showing the highest availability and timeliness.

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